TWEEHOUSE #1: Walking Potion, Benjaminto, Tend Your Ten Year Tenure, and guests.

All the performers for this first show were mostly people Krystal knew through college, and we only invited close friends. Hope Rainbow was scheduled to perform, but ended up getting sick and couldn't show (we were quick to invite her back).

We spent so much time on the poster. I had a pretty clear idea for it and thought we could knock it out in a few hours, but it ended up taking all night. We moved our furniture around, took a bunch of photos, and then I sat on the couch drawing, coloring, and fussing around with text late into the evening.

Jason Krause (Walking Potion) and Veronica Smith (who also performed) stomped around our apartment with us a couple of nights before the show, and I edited together some video promos out of us goofing around. Lanny Huang (Tend Your Ten Year Tenure) and our friend Ava Mailloux also ended up staying at the apartment with us the night of the show. If you include Veronica's cat Farnsworth*, this was the most people we ever had sleep over at Tweehouse. It was nice.

The following morning, we shot the first episode of the Bedhead Sessions.

This is the only show we didn't take photo documentation of, although there are probably some stills and videos from people's phones floating around Instagram and Facebook.

*Cats aren't people.