Sammus - Mae Jemison (treatment)

Hey Sammus! Couldn't think of how best to contact you, so hopefully my Twitter link found its way.

I loved your performance at the IU Fundraiser!

A little background: I've been shooting photos and videos for several years now--I went to community college and then Ithaca College for it. For a long time now, I've primarily wanted to make music videos. A couple are available on this website (under the "video" tab)--I've done a couple more and have been shooting live videos for Ithaca Underground. But I'd love to do more rehearsed, planned out stuff. (In addition to this sort of thing, I've been working retail for the past few months in order to save up some money. It sucks, but ah well. Things worked out for Kanye after he quit the Gap, so who knows.)

Anyway! After the show, once I had a day off, I spent it listening to Another M and watching all the music videos on your YouTube channel. I think what you do is BRILLIANT, and a ton of fun. You're an awesome producer (whether it's reworking the Metroid music or making entirely different stuff--I was really digging your Reset instrumentals and didn't realize you'd already released the proper full version until today! It's grrrreat). And speaking of Kanye, I really appreciate how much you draw from the sort of stuff he was doing on The College Dropout. I love Kanye, but I have to admit that his music felt way more relatable to me when he was rapping about how much he hated school and his job (and how he had to bust his ass to pursue his passion) than, you know, about how he's a god (which I won't dispute! He's earned it). But that's neither here nor there, I'm already writing way too much--not even gonna start on how happy the video game references make me (although, unfortunately, I never had a Nintendo console until the Wii, so a lot of the more obscure Metroid shit is lost on me--name-dropping Sephiroth hits me way harder than silly ol' Mother Brain)


I'd love to work with you on making a music video sometime. The first idea I had was the following thing for "Mae Jemison"--would love to hear any feedback you might have. And if you're not into it, that's cool too--I'd still love to help out with any video or photo things you might need in the future if you're in Ithaca. I'm quickly becoming a fan.

Investing in my decisions,