Ithaca Underground is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing spaces for alternative musicians to play to all-ages audiences. In addition to photography and art design, I've volunteered my services as a videographer to IU since late 2014.

I've helped shoot and/or edit performances by many artists, including 100% Black, Anna & Her Mini Harp, BARISHI, BATISTA, Del Paxton, Doomsday Student, Felix Martin, Green Dreams, Jeff Rosenstock, Kayo Dot, Last Dot, Lucia Roberts, Math the Band the Band, Misses Bitches, No Good Doll, Passive Aggressives Anonymous, Perfect Pussy, Pobaribanon, powerdove, Priests, Red Sled Choir, Sammus, Shore Acres Drive, Tenement, Twin Lords, Viva Mayhem, Vacation, Yakbak, Zula, and more.

Many of these videos can be found on Ithaca Underground's YouTube page.